Most of these ants' rated files and related links are for the personal computer/PC's (mainly for MS-DOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems). Use them at your own risk. Ants are not responsible for any damages caused to your properties.

For ants' favorite computer and video games and their links (including downloadable files), visit the Personal Computer/PC Game TunnelsAn ant with an Atari joystick.
The Sight Seeings Room
A file cabinet

has a file cabinet with links to digital sight seeings.
Ants want to take over the Internet.
Storage Room of the Internet
: Recommended stuff you need to surf on the net.
Music RoomAn ant on a music sheet: Music to those feelers and ears!
Start me up!
Windows Room
. Files and links that start the busy ants' workloads in Windows 95 and higher.
Linux Room
Tux looks at an ant

Not only penguins, ants also use free and open source software.

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