General links with resources that are useful and funny to ants on the Internet. Don't forget to check Ant's Quality Foraged Links (AQFL) for more quality links!

A giant ant on Earth Going out of town? Check for directions with Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Flash Earth. Go back in time in Cyberspace with The Internet Archive
An ant on a scholar temple.
Reddit (Ant(Dude)'s upvotes) and BoingBoing are example Web sites that these ants like to visit multiple times per day!,, Merriam-Webster,,, travlang's Translating Dictionaries, Information Please,, Refdesk, and Everything. To gain knowledge try these informative sites...
An ant is on a desk with books.

Encyclopedias: and Wikipedia.

Advices & How To's: eHow,, and How Stuff Works.

Laugh at images/comic strips: The Far Side, Dr. Fun (no longer updated), Brevity (weekdays), Savage Chickens (old images; both are updated weekdays), Reverend Fun (no longer updated), FoxTrot (updated on Sundays), and Calvin and Hobbes (updated daily). An ant with Easter egg basket, but it is not for the holiday.
The Easter Egg Archive
shows you the hidden secrets in software, movies, music, books, etc.

Television Shows, Movies, and Music and Fandago for movie information, showtimes, previews, tickets, etc. The Information Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes for more details. Errors and bloopers in movies and TV shows shown in Movie Mistakes. Ants watch A Bug's Life movie. An ant watches a Borg Ant on a big screen TV.

Zap2It and TV Guide for television guides.

Check and for TV episode guides.

Dark Horizons: A good source for TV shows and movies.

Find TV commercial ad music on and Songtitle.Info.

Streaming Medias On Demand
  • (Ant does NOT run/own this web site) for streaming and sometimes downloadable music videos.

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