12: About Ant 11: The Three Stooges 2: Restroom 3: Reading Room 13: Forum and Chat Room -- Go to the list to pick one. 14: Art Gallery Room 15: Personal Computer/PC Games Tunnels 5: Computer Sources 9: Miscellaneous Tunnels 7: Empty room for now... 8: Los Angeles Weather Forecast 6: Ant's Buddies Room 10: Disclaimer 1: You are here! 4: Files Tunnels The Ant Farm's Directory Map
  1. You are here!

  2. Restroom for those who can not hold it.

  3. Reading Room for those who are looking for ant-related links including The Ants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  4. Files Tunnels lead to various storage rooms with favorite goodies in:

    Personal Computer/PC Games Tunnels: Current and old, favorite games, emulators, and links. The ants created a few addons and maps for some of these games.

    Sight Seeings Room: Sighting Seeings to stream/download.

    Music Room: Favorite music files and links in MIDI and MOD-related fields.

    Storage Room of Internet: Internet browsers and other cool programs.

    Windows Room: Windows files and links. These ants will tell you where to go today.

    Linux Room: Linux files and links. These ants will tell you where to go tomorrow.
  1. Computer Sources: Ants need to kept updated with the computer industry with information, reference, and humor from the Internet. This also include other nerdy/geeky stuff.

  2. Ant's Buddies Room: Ants are not alone.

  3. Empty room for now...

  4. Weather Forecast: Will it rain in The Ant Farm, Los Angeles, CA?

  5. Miscellaneous Tunnels: for favorite, useful and useless items.

  6. Disclaimer: Yes, you have to read it.

  7. The Three Stooges: Meet the wise guys of The Ant Farm.

  8. About Ant: Resume, pictures, favorites, music, surgery diary, articles, and information on the Webmaster/overlord (Ant).

  9. Forum: Visitors and ants hang out to socialize about ants.

  10. Art Gallery Room: All kinds of pictures on ants.

  11. Personal Computer/PC Games Tunnels lead you to their game rooms.

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