The Ant Farm Times Monday -- 1/15/2024

Things That Make Your Antenna(s/e) Twitch

EXTRA! The Ants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Your questions and answers might be in here.

An almost 17.75 minutes YouTube video showing "5 Reasons Ants Are Amazing ... We've dug into the archive to bring you a collection of the most interesting ant videos released on the BBC Earth channel to date..." Seen on Reddit.

An almost 2.75 minutes animated YouTube video showing "What If You Became An Ant For 24 Hours?". Thanks BSR.

A 9.75 minutes YouTube video on "7 Unbelievably Hardcore Ants". Thanks eric3579.

A 14.25 minutes YouTube video showing "The Traumatizing Reality of Being An Ant".

An 18 minutes YouTube video showing "Insane Biology of: Ant Colonies". Thanks eric3579.

A 7/seven minutes and 50 seconds YouTube video titled "What A Bug Scientist Says About ‘Ant-Man’ -- The movie Ant-Man was (obviously) inspired by ants, so we thought we'd talk to a real ant expert to learn a bit more! ..." Seen on Reddit.

School of Ants -- "... a citizen-scientist driven study of the ants that live in urban areas, particularly around homes and schools. Collection kits are available to anyone interested in participating teachers, students, parents, kids, junior-scientists, senior citizens and enthusiasts of all stripes are involved in collecting ants in schoolyards and backyards using a standardized protocol so that we can make detailed maps of the wildlife that lives just outside our doorsteps..." (Seen on Your Wild Life).

Ant Colony Search -- "Help discover how ants search -- Join a citizen science project to investigate how ants work together, without a plan, to explore new areas..." (thanks newtboy).

Six legs good: Alok Jha investigates the extraordinary world of ants. Thanks RBH.

AntBase: .org (world) and .net (Malaysia, Mongolia, and Germany): Social Insects WWW ant pages and a collaborative effort between scientists from around the world to provide information.

Myrm's Ant Nest: A Web site about myrmecology -- mainly concentrating on ants in the British Isles. Thanks GreenMule.

Ant(s) in encyclopedias and others: Encyclopædia Britannica, Wikipedia, Antwiki (thanks abuschinger), Everything (ant, ant farm, etc.) with explanations, definitions, lyrics, poems, etc. Some terms are not even related to the insects.

Lots of good questions and answers on ants on MadSci's search engine.

JungleWalk has various video clips, audio clips, photographs, and links to other Web sites on ants.

Links for Ant Enthusiasts: Informational links.

Able Bodies, Bulldog Ants, and Adventures Among Ants With Dr. Bugs -- Various ant photographs/photos. from Mark W. Moffett (see his Adventures Among Ants Web site for more other ant stories, videos, and photographs/photos.; thanks Notes from Underground) for National Geographic.

Still on the Farm, 200 Million Ants Later and Voyeur To Head Ant: An history on Ant Farms and Simant.

Basic Information: The Ants and Ants.

Anthony Ant's Story: Story and information on ants for the kids.

The World's Weirdest Ants.

Top 10 ways an ant's house is similar to your house.

Morphological and Functional Diversity of Ant Mandibles: All about ant mandibles. Thanks Dr. Ant.

Excerpt of Bernard Werber's Empire of the Ants book.

The Monstrous Ant of the Medieval Bestiary -- "Bestiary Ants came in two forms in medieval bestiaries: small and industrious, or dog-sized and ferocious..."

Ants in a bunker: #1, #2 (seen on Reddit), and #3 (a 4.2 minutes YouTube video; thanks newtboy).

Big Bugs + Little People: Giant Ants (and other insects) vs. Tiny Humans Novels. Thanks kalimant.

The Hacker and the Ants: A science fiction book about robot ants that went on their own.

Debbie's Unit Factory: Ant links.

Surfing the Net With Kids: Ants.

Ants of the Cowling Arboretum and McKnight Praire, Carleton College. Lots of information and pictures.

Ants help each other as teachers and pupils: Scientists say it is the first nonhuman example of two-way instruction. Thanks Vendayn for the first story.

In an ant's world, the smaller you are, the harder it is to see obstacles. Seen on Reddit.

In this ant species, 21% of the colony has major injuries from war -- Findings help explain the evolutionary benefit of altruism toward disabled individuals...

Ants make their own ant-ibiotic for infected wounds.

BBC Nature reports on how "ant workers carry over friends to help forage for food". Friends? Sisters!

Why Some Ants Dress in Drag answers why "Why Some Ants Dress in Drag" question.

How many ants live on Earth? Scientists finally have an answer. Seen on Reddit.

Sumo wrestling keeps big ants in line: Large workers of Malaysian ants, Acanthomyrmex ferox, are reported to fight among themselves in "spectacular shaking contests." Thanks kalimant.

Turning mortal enemies into allies? Ants can. Seen on Reddit.

Life in the Colonies: Ants carve underground labyrinths, gather food, nurture their young and adapt to all sorts of environmental changes--with no leadership whatsoever. What drives this 'swarm intelligence'?

A PhysOrg article: "Ants prefer salty snacks to sugary ones, at least in inland areas that tend to be salt-poor, according to a new study...

Ants have group-level personalities, study shows from Reddit. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)' Newshour has its rundown on "How do ants synchronize to move really big stuff?" Thanks Mousey.

Nautilus has a few articles on ants: Want to Get Out Alive? Follow the Ants (seen on Reddit), Ants Swarm Like Brains Think, and Ants Go Marching (also here (thanks Mousey.

The ants go marching … methodically from Esther Schindler from Mousey.

Ants, wasps, butterflies, and capterpillar: #1 and #2 (Thanks Ted), and a 6.5 minutes YouTube video from BBC's Life in the Undergrowth (seen on Educated Earth).

An almost five minutes YouTube video showing "Kidnapper Ants Steal Other Ants' Babies - And Brainwash Them..." Thanks eric3579.

An almost three minutes YouTube video showing "Ants In Silver Space Suits | Africa" -- "These silver ants have ten minutes to retrieve their food under the African sun before time is up." Thanks Myrmecos.

BBC has a long article on "Battle of the Ants -- Which is the most notorious ant species on earth? ..." Thanks Mousey.

Angry Wasps Capture Intruding Ants, Fly Away, Airdrop Them. National Geographic has video clips of them in action (thanks ABM).

Getting it off their chest: Study reveals how ants talk to each other.

Walter's Ant Castles/Plastered Nests on Discover Magazine (thanks MrILoveTheAnts): Pulling ant castles from the ground with dental plaster. Flickr's museum shot with Zinc. More in Anthill Art and are buyable.

"The Secret World Of Ants" -- A 3.75 minutes news story video (CBS News (Sunday Morning) -- "One of nature's greatest architects, ants continue to mystify scientists with their intricate underground colonies. Serena Altschul visits an ant expert who makes moldings of these tiny creatures."

A closer look inside a giant ant mound -- Insect enthusiasts take a rare peek inside a giant mound to study a bug's life.

Fire Ant Models: Mound Models used for various presentations and exhibits.

Ant Colony on Verge of Extinction: An ant colony dying in ISHIKARI, Japan.

Rare ants get their own suntraps: Wildlife experts have created special areas where a rare species of ant can relax and sunbathe.

New Atlas' article on "Cancer-sniffing ants prove as accurate as dogs in detecting disease". Seen on Reddit.

Do Ants Sleep? The Answer Will Certainly Blow Your Mind. ZzzzZzzz...

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News report that the secrets of ant sleep were revealed. Thanks Vendayn.

U.C. Berkley's Press Release and Mail Online on rainforest/Canopy-dwellers (Cephalotes atratus) steer/gliding themselves home during a fall. There is a streaming video clips. See more on Dr. Stephen P. Yanoviak's Web site (thanks Myrmecos). Also, scientists figured out how they glide:, BBC News (with a 28 seconds video clip).

Ants 'Hate Each Other' But Work Together for technical details Thanks Morosophomyrmex) -- Ant colonies as "un-peaceful coexistence," multiple ant species stake out the same territory and compete for the same food, but no single species wins out since some are better at finding resources and others better at guarding them.

Wild About Ants (#1 and #2) mention ant and their sounds with plenty of links, interviews, video clips, etc.

AntyScience -- A blog on ants. Seen on Reddit.

BBC and Current Biology: Ants Leave Their Nests to Die in Social Isolation. has an article with a couple embedded videos showing "Ants: Both solid-like and liquid-like". Also, see this about 1.25 minutes videos of ants mimicing liquids embedded in The New York Times' article (its embedded video is also on YouTube) and NewScientist (#1 and #2; their video is also on YouTube). Thanks Mousey, Duckman33, Boing Boing, and Eric3579.

Scientists discover swimming ants: North Queensland scientists have discovered a new type of ant, believed to be the only species (polyrhachis sokolova) that can live, swim and navigate under water. Thanks Digg. Also, see Life in the Undergrowth episode #5 (Supersocieties), of the ants in action.

Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)'s article on "Trait evolution is reversible, repeatable, and decoupled in the soldier caste of turtle ants".

A QuickTime video clip from Evolution: The Evolutionary Arms Race. From Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants.

Two QuickTime video clips with "Doctor Bugs" and the Weaver Ants of Angkor Wat in Cambodia: #1 and #2. From Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants.

'Hey I'm Dead!' The Story Of The Very Lively Ant with a funny 4.5 minutes Flash audio. Seen on Myrmecos' blog.

Science Magazine and Current Biology show how elephants really hate ants. Seen in TAFMBF thread.

Ancient Ant in Amber.

Ants in American Pants: An essay on Ants and Americans by Jesse Bond. Web format or Microsoft Word document.

Ant Alert! (click on each picture section) for words related to ants for fun.

Ant Power Packs: A research on powering cell phones with a formic acid-based fuel cell. Thanks AntJulie.

Ant World Cup: Soccer played by real life ants.

An Ant Saves Man's Life: A lowly ant stepping up to save somebody's life.

Death & Glory: A story of ants, ageing and altruism -- Ants take bigger risks for the good of the colony as they get older and they can even assess how much time they have left in life.

Fire Ant Festival (not friendly to slow Internet connection users) happens on the last weekend of March in Ashburn, GA, USA.

Ants in Special Delivery: A colony of a rare species of ant has been returned to its home in Devon six years after it was rescued by Paignton Zoo. Thanks davidhant.

Daily Mail's article on "A panicking crowd can be evacuated faster by placing certain types of obstacles in its path, according to Australian researchers who say we can learn from the masters of crowd control: ants."

#1, #2, and #3: Ants cutting human hair: Localized scalp hair shedding/focal alopecia (aka bald spots), in human beings, caused by Pheidole ants and overview of similar case reports. Thanks Biddybot.

A blog on why giant ants can't exist that was referenced in Big Bang Theory's S3E19 (The Wheaton Recurrence).

Youth smoking ants to get high -- "More than a third of children and some as young as 13 have smoked the native samsum ant as a substitute for illegal substances such as marijuana..." Thanks Asiletto.

Logos and Foreign Words for Ant/Ants (updated: 2/2/2005): Translation lists.

Audio and Video Podcasts, Radio Shows, Etc. on Ants

TED has a 4.75 minutes YouTube animated video on "Inside the Ant Colony". Deborah Gordon's talks on ants:
  • 20 minutes and 25 seconds on TED and YouTube with talking and showing how do ants know what to do? Seen on VideoSift. Also see this one hour and five minutes YouTube video from Google Tech Talks (from VideoSift).
  • 14 minutes and 9 seconds on TED -- What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the Internet. Seen on Reddit.
  • Two/2 parts YouTube videos (#1 and #2 = 53 minutes and 3 seconds) on collective behavior with ants.
KQED QUEST's almost 11/eleven minutes video and its producer's notes.

Ants That Count! -- "Can ants count? Not out loud they can't. Not the way you and I count. But an ingenious experiment conducted in the Sahara suggests maybe ants do count..." Thanks Mousey.

Boing Boing shares a ten minutes and 50 seconds video from KQED public television's Quest presented "Ants: The Invisible Majority."

A Year in the Life of Ants: A radio series that charts, by eavesdropping on wood ants, the fascinating and bizarre lives of two colonies; one in a pine forest and the other in a deciduous woodland in Northumberland (UK). Thanks Myrm.

An one hour and three minutes YouTube video on "How Many Ants Can an Island Hold? Exploring Ant Diversity in Madagascar". Thanks symbolik.

Ant Patrol: A Living On Earth radio interview with Stefan Cover, the curator for Harvard University's ant collection (the largest in the world). Transcript and audio are available. Thanks bounty80.

This forum thread has audio podcasts and transcripts of various ant topics.

Interview with Neil Tsutsui on Ants. Starts at 27.75ish minute to the end. Mostly about Argentine ants.

KQED QUEST's 5.75 streaming audio/radio report Bay Area Ant Invasion -- "Chances are they're Argentine Ants. These invasive insects have spread across California, forming what some scientists say is one of the largest colonies on Earth. They're also harming native ants. Now, scientists are developing ways to stop the invasion, by learning the language ants use to communicate..."

South American Flying Ants. From 16:55 minutes to 20.5 minutes.

Mark W. Moffett, an ant expert and photographer: The Colbert Report interviews (5/4/2010 and 7/17/2007), a 38 minutes and 9 seconds National Public Radio (NPR) (thanks Dr. Ant), and a 54 minutes KUOW radio interview with him (thanks MrILoveTheAnts).

Insect research gives humans six legs up article talks about ants, show a photo(graph) slideshow, videos, etc.

Sting pain indexes by Schmidt and Starr. Go ants!

Blogs and Forums

The Ant Farm and Myrmecology Forum: Official place to discuss ants from here.

Ant News (old since it was last updated on 11/25/2005): A blog with various ant news with technical discussions. Thanks Myrmecos.

The Ant Room: A daily progress in the identification of the ant fauna of Tiputini Biodiversity Station in Ecuador, the analysis of that data, other fun stuff, etc.

Ant Visions: A blog site with photographs and stories/comments.

Archetype (closed): "Ant reconstruction one homology at a time. his blog revolves around his ongoing research on ant comparative anatomy, phylogeny, and development and evolution of the caste system in social insects, in the hopes of making sense of his convoluted ideas and getting the occasional feedback from kind readers."

Roberta Gibson's Wild About Ants: A blog that "explores science and natural history of ants."

Formicidae/SuperOrganism: A forum to discuss on different topics related ant biology and research.

Technical Information's Ant Texts for extensive scientific journal articles, papers, and books about ants.

Myrmecological News -- Journals of ants.

AntWeb provides tools for exploring the diversity and identification of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). They have been developed to facilitate the use of ants in inventory and monitoring programs. Information on the ant faunas of California and Madagascar for now. Thanks Myrmecos.

Ants -- Checklists, images, identification guides, and maps of Formicidae.

The Ants of North America: Includes online books with technical informations and drawings in Microsoft Word documents.

Formicidae of the United States: Links to ant species checklists for some U.S. states. Thanks K. Kris.

Ants of Arizona: Common species with information and photographs.

Australian Ants Online: The guide to the Australian ant fauna. Thanks Myrmecos.

Argentine Ants/Linepithema humile: Myrmecos Blog on how to identify this species, RealMedia video clip/Windows Media video clip of two worker ants in action and information.

Army Ants: An over a minute YouTube video showing Why army ants get trapped in 'death circles' (Seen in Sandbagger's /. comment.), National Geographic's Inside the Ranks, two minutes and 38 seconds National Geographic's video on Army Ant Frenzy on YouTube), Eciton burchelli, The Raiders, watcher's misadventure, How ants create 'living bridges' with their bodies..., Orphan Army Ants Join Nearby Colonies (thanks engwinner), An entire world follows the march of the army ants (seen on Neatorama), and California Academy of Sciences' army ants lose the battle to a lowly beetle (thanks Bismark).

Bull ants have right eye for the job -- "Worker bull ants have military-style night vision, while their higher status winged nest mates see best during the day, Australian researchers have discovered..."

Fire Ants: A five/5 minutes and 18 seconds YouTube video showing "Mating frenzies, sperm hoards, and brood raids: the life of a fire ant queen..." (Seen on Reddit), an almost seven/7 minutes YouTube video showing "Inside the World of Fire Ants!", YouTube video titled "Fire Ants Turn Their Babies into a Stinging Life Raft", and an almost four/4 minutes YouTube video on "the bizarre physics of fire ants" Thanks eric3579 for both video links.

Research and Management, Orange County Fire Ant Authority, "Invincible Ants" in Australia, Ouch! The Fire Ant Saga Continues, a 5.75 minutes YouTube video (seen on VideoSift), and fire ants play dead. Thanks Laurence T. May, Jr. for some of the links.

Pogolumina for harvester ants in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon and Washington states, United States of America (USA). Thanks Myrmecos.

/. talks about Google Ants (Proceratium google) as a tribute to the usefulness of Google Earth in Dr. Brian L. Fisher's research.

Leafcutter/Fungus Growing Ants: 9.75 minutes YouTube video showing "When Ants Domesticated Fungi", a 29.25 minutes YouTube video on "The Evolution of Agriculture in Ants with Dr. Ted Schultz", A three/3 minutes and 51 seconds YouTube video on "How Ants Take Care of Their Farms" (seen on VideoSift), a 2.25 minutes RDF TV (Nebraska Vignettes #4) (YouTube video; Ants that farm, compost, and weed.), 5.25 minutes YouTube video showing "Cameron Currie leads research into leaf cutting fungus farming ants", Were Ants the World's First Farmers? (seen on Reddit), Ants Use Antibiotics to Kill Weeds, archived story of Leafcutter Ants, Ant Farmers/First Fungal Farmers of the Americas, Nicholas Wade's article, The Lurker's Guide to Leafcutter Ants (thanks Kalimant), When Ants Squeak, Quick-thinking ants trim foliage to fit (one minute YouTube video; thanks Eric3579), Ant's head balancing act revealed by video, When Bringing Back the Mangoes, Ants Specialize for the Job (free login required), a 6 minutes and 48 seconds YouTube (two minutes and 24 seconds short version on HowStuffWorks) video clip of "Leafcutter Ants - the First Agriculture", How metal-infused jaws give some ants an exceptionally sharp bite (seen on Reddit), and a 3.75 minutes of YouTube video clip of Dirty Jobs' season 5 episode 5 (a segment from Bug Breeder").

Ant knows how to self-medicate to fight off fungal infection. Seen on Reddit.

Ant-i-social distancing: Ants know isolation prevents the spread of infection -- "Ants do it, so do vampire bats. We're not the only ones who 'socially distance' when sick..."

Slavemak(er/ing) Ants: 10.74 minutes #1, #2, #3 (thanks Sean916), and #4 (also on Discover from Myrmecos).

'Spectacular' Glenmoriston ant nests protected -- "Colonies of an ant rarely found in the north Highlands have been given protection against birds..." Seen in Dr. Ant's forum thread.

BBC News, with a 51 seconds video, and Telegraph report United Kingdom/UK's biggest hairy northern wood ant nests were given global positioning system (GPS) addresses to stop them being destroyed.

Wood Ant Queen Has No Egg-laying Monopoly.

Ants with green beards.

A list to show the differences between termites and ants. Also, see the FAQ (updated).

Relationships With Plants: ScienceShot article -- "Pupal cocoons affect sanitary brood care and limit fungal infections in ant colonies..." Thanks Engwinner.

The pupal moulting fluid has evolved social functions in ants from /..

Ants deliver environmental health report: A CSIRO scientist has developed a technique for using ants as biological indicators of ecosystem health.

Ants of the Cowling Arboretum and McKnight Prairie, Carleton College: Information and images.

Technical papers (some are in Acrobat PDF format) on ants. Thanks Daniel Phelps.

The Biochemical Toxin Arsenal from Ant Venoms (from Kudos from Reddit).

How Do Ants Identify Different Members of Their Society? -- University of California, Riverside (UCR)-led team shows ants smell "ant body odor," helping them distinguish intruders from safe fellow-ants in their colonies.

Ants rely on smell and touch when deciding to go to work: A study discovered that foragers only leave the colony after they've smelled the bodies of patrollers who have returned to the nest. Video documentary included. Also read related link.

Ants use pedometers to find home: How ants judge distance. Thanks Dr. Ant (remove ANT to e-mail).

Amazon ants use 'torture rack' to kill prey in British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News' story. A species of Amazonian tree ant builds elaborate traps to snare its prey, which is then stretched like a victim on a medieval rack before being hacked to pieces. Thanks Pigeon.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News report a scientific study of the teamwork of army ants has discovered how they are prepared to let their fellow ants walk all over them to get the job done.

An UC Berkeley News story, with three QuickTime videos (also at of trap-jaw ants, Odontomachus bauri, using their powerful mandibles to fling themselves into the air) titled "trap-jaw ants' break speed record and propel them into air". PLOS One has more details, images, and video clips (thanks Ars Technica). Also, see this 15 seconds musical video from smadriant.

Ants, not evil spirits, create poisonous devil's gardens in the Amazon rainforest. Scientists have identified an ant species that produces its own natural herbicide to poison unwanted plants.

A 10.25 minutes YouTube video on "an evolutionary arms race" on army ants, snails, and beetles.

Why do male ants die after copulation?

Ant Queens With Genes and nutrition influence caste in unusual species of harvester ant: The researchers wanted to know whether the ant's genetic endowment dictated its caste and size or whether nutrition also played a role. From Myrmecos Blog.

Plotting and Treachery in Ant Royal Families: "Social insects -- ants in particular -- are usually thought of as selfless entities willing to sacrifice everything for their comrades. However, new research suggests that ant queens are also prepared to compromise the welfare of the entire colony in order to retain the throne..." Seen in engwinner's forum thread.

Why Fire Ants Kill Their Queens and Fire Ants Spurn Sex to Protect Genes: Behaviors of fire ants and their queens (thanks pallab1234).

Mail Online reports "How British ants say Long Live The Queen while in Spain they're hot-headed revolutionaries..."

Australian Broadcasting Corporation/ABC News and on "females shut down male-male sperm competition in leafcutter ants".

How Cheating Ants Give Themselves Away (from kronosposeidon's comment): "In ant society, workers normally give up reproducing themselves to care for their queen's offspring, who are their brothers and sisters. When workers try to cheat and have their own kids in the queen's presence, their peers swiftly attack and physically restrain them from reproducing..."

BBC reports on "Baby ants have a host of unexpected superpowers..." Thanks Sean.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News reports that "an Amazonian ant has dispensed with sex and developed into an all-female species, researchers have found. The ants reproduce via cloning - the queen ants copy themselves to produce genetically identical daughters.

Epigenetic (re)programming of caste-specific behavior in the ant Camponotus floridanus Thanks Arimus (remove ANT to e-mail).

Mindless Collectives Better at Rational Decision-Making Than Brainy Individuals: "New experiments show how ant colonies don't fall prey to irrational choices as humans sometimes do..."

"My ant's smarter than your fifth-grade honor student -- Insects have propensity for math, can perform simple arithmetic, tests show..." reports on ants' collective intelligence.

Amazing ants can go homeward bound backwards, study suggests. Seen on Reddit.

Ants head straight home: You don't need a big brain to perform remarkable feats of navigation. Thanks Michael.

ABC reports "Pseudo-eyes help ants find home faster". Thanks Ben from Educated Earth.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)'s article on "The emergence of a collective sensory response threshold in ant colonies". Seen on ZME Science and thanks Seany916.

Ants and Traffics: ScienceAlert (thanks Mousey) and Ars Technica.

Behavior of Real Ants: Pheromone trail.

Ants Follow Forks in Their Roads to Find Home: Foraging Pharaoh's ants employ a simpler means to find their way home: geometry.

Professor Zhanna Reznikova shows her works that some ant species have numerical abilities, and some kind of symbolic language far more elaborated than bees. Thanks netodejulilla.

Search ants on Blackwell Synergy for technical information on ants. Thanks Morosophomyrmex.

EurekaAlert! reports "Ants communicate by mouth-to-mouth fluid exchange". Seen on Reddit.

Ants Use Their Own Velcro to Catch Supersized Prey -- "Long before Velcro was invented, a species of South American ant used its own natural form of the wonder material to hunt...

A two minutes and 24 seconds YouTube video showing "Ant Painting - Unique Identification of Insects". Thanks MrILTA.

A PDF article on the influence of red light on the aggregation of two castes of the ant, Lasius niger. Thanks oresukos.

Ant Texts, on The Internet Archive and affliated to, to archive and offer various documentations on ants in both English and foreign languages no matter their ages.

Charles Darwin Online on ants.

Ants in space experiments by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Several photographs of spiders mimicing as ants and others.

Ants as Pests

Attack of the Ants.

Ants to the rescue: how super-organisms could become super pest controllers. Seen on Reddit.

German fined for Aussie smuggling ants from Perth. Seen in Common ants in Australia > Brisbane forum thread.

5 worst invasive ant species in the 100 of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species list. Thanks Myrmecos.

Global warming could trigger ant invasions: The study of 665 ant colonies in environments ranging from tropical rainforests to frozen tundra suggests that in warmer environments the ants' body size shrinks, on average, while the number of individuals in the colony booms. Thanks Blue's News.

Ants in Lawns.

Verminators: Method Anting: A 5.5 minutes clip Roman uses mad skills to hunt down a colony of ants.

This is not the proper way to get rid of ants: Fireworks & The Fire Ants-In-Your-Pants Dance -- "... A 24-year-old senior airman from San Antonio bought more than $400 worth of fireworks to hold his own private fireworks display for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. About a week before the big event, he decided to cull a small handful of bottle rockets from his mini-explosives stash to take care of a fire ant problem while putting a little smoke in the sky..."

Hawaii: Pest Ants in Hawaii and a 28.5 minutes YouTube video titled "Invasion - Little Fire Ants in Hawaii" (thanks IntelligentSwarm).

You can always get an ... as a pet!

Ants as Killers

Fire Ants Bite Elderly Woman 1,625 Times: An 87-year-old nursing lady died from this attack.

Ants Can Cause Asthma, Allergies: Pharaoh ants blamed in two asthma cases.

Crazy Ants Attack Red Crabs: Ants' Acid Overrunning Oz Crabs and Australia-Killer-Ants.

Argentine Ants Invasion: An almost 9.5 minutes YouTube video showing "The Billion Ant Mega Colony and the Biggest War on Earth" (thanks eric3579), Success Tied to Reduced Genetic Variation, Ant Supercolony Spans Thousands of Miles, Invading Ants Press United Front in California, Argentine Ants Threaten Californian Horned Lizards (Thanks Tetramorium.), Army of invaders walks all over the natives (use BugMeNot for a free dummy account to log in; thanks Chairboy), ant mega-colony takes over world, and UC Irvine Scientists Make Ants Go Ape by Giving Them B.O. -- Read SF Gate. Might not be 'supercolony' after all.

An article on Crazy Ant species that established itself as an uninvited guest at Biosphere 2. Thanks Tetramorium.

Ant-Related Items to Wear and Make

Shirts: Two funny Threadless' T-shirts (#1 and #2) and The Giant Anteater Captured By Ants.

CafePress has ant stuff like Gigantiops Destructor. Thanks Kari Ryder.

Crocs ChameleonsTM Ants Clog.

Ant, with two legs, costumes: Picnic Ant, Mascot/#1 (mirror) and #2.

Ant Jewelries: Bracelet), necklaces (#1 and #2 [three of them in this ten/10 pages slide show gallery]), earrings, and Fetish Design (earrings, key ring, and pendant).

Belts: Red Ants and Ant 3D Belt Buckle (Thanks Infectious Threads.)

Picnic Chef Hat. Puppets: Ants (The Ant Patrol) and Terra, the Ant (#1 and #2).

Embroidery Library has a collection of ant designs.

Masks: Carabid and Eciton/Army Ant Tribal made out of paper maches.

Large Ant Jewel Trinket Box to store goods.

Computer, Video, Online, and Card Games Related to Ants

SimAnt from Maxis. A simulation game. Or play its Disk Operating System (DOS) port on Internet Archive.

Empire of the Ants: A real-time simulation game for personal computer/PC's Windows from 2000. A 115 MB playable demo can be downloaded from FilePlanet and CNET

Antzzz and World of Ants -- Online strategy games of the ants. Thanks makka pakka and Ryan349.

Ant War: "The Best Ant Colony Simulator Online."

Ant Warriors Flash game on Kiz10.

DuPont Advion Ant Annihilation Game -- A simple Flash game where you must click on various ant species on your screen within one minute.

A Flash puzzle game where the player must "rescue the black ants from the evil red ants." Seen on Blue's News.

The Colony: "A video game about building the best ant colony in the land!"

Tap Tap Ants : Battlefield -- A mobile smashing ants game.

Anthill Picnic -- A Flash game to find letters hidden by ants.

Ant Buster (Flash required): Kill the ants before they take your food.

AntRun is a fast paced arcade game where your goal is to keep the ant running through the ant pipes/tunnels. Macromedia Shockwave required.

Ant Nation game for Nintendo systems: "... A strategy simulation game where you are tasked with training a cadre of Super Ants with a variety of wacky tools."

Ant games for Apple's iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads:
  • Ant Assault -- "Oh No! Ants are running free inside your device trying to steal away the key's Antageddon on the iPhone!"
  • "Ant Raid" by Prank.
  • Ant Smasher Touch -- "Squish ants with your finger!" Seen on AppCraver.
  • Bowling -- "Hungry ants and other creepy crawlies are after your snacks… Blow them off before it’s too late!"
Ant Attack: An old Solftsolid 3D game for Sinclair Spectrum. Online Java game is available. Thanks Darkant5. Also, a 3D remake. YouTube (#1 and #2) for videos.

Insect Infestation multiplayer modification/mod for Half-Life 2 with an insect theme including ants.

Westwood Studios' Command & Conquer Red Alert Aftermath addon has secret missions with ants. A screen shot and YouTube video of the title screen and introduction.

Ants in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game. Seen in a forum thread.

They Came From Hollywood game features giant red ants. Screen shots: #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Freedom Force games have ants: soldier ant and worker ant. The Third Reich playable demo has red soldier ants (see Ant's screen shot from rumble room).

Ant Parade: A simple number Flash game for preschoolers/kids/children -- "Help the ants line up for their parade by grouping them by color and number..."

Wierd N'wild Creatures Wiki has many informative cards related to ants.

Foreign Ant Web Sites
Use an online translator to translate popular languages like Google's and Yahoo!'s.

French (Thanks Polyergus for some of the links): APEF: Fourmis -- Association Pour l'Elevage des Fourmis (APEF: Association for the Breeding Ants), Acide Formik (thanks k2rantitache), Forumis -- Forum Antslab, Myrmeco Forumis (thanks Grey), and Myrmecophoto.

German: The Kurt Kuene Ant Page (with English texts), Ameisenforum (Antforum), AmeisenWiki, ANTSTORE, Deutsche Ameisenschutzwarte e. V., (thanks Dominik Massner), and Phil Blog.

Netherland: AntForum.

Spanish: Formicidae (thanks Kalimant), Hormigas Ibéricas, and

Russian: AntClub.

Ant Farms

WebEcoist on "Ten/10 Amazing Ant Farms Fit For A Queen" from Neatorama.

Official Uncle Milton web site. Seen in Dr. Ant's forum post): Maker of the popular Ant Farms. Ant Farm pictures of Year 1959, Year 1969, and Kramer's Ant Farm (a 1.3+ minutes YouTube video clip (#1 and #2); seen on VideoSift)) seen in "The Pool Guy" S7 E8. Thanks Myrmecos. Uncle Milton's Ant Farm (archived copy since Yesterdayland is dead): Synopsis, Memories, and messages. An over 28 minutes (twice?) YouTube video of "... History of the Classic Ant Farm Toy". A 10 minutes and 43 seconds YouTube video and a 27 minutes and 20 Chapman University's video (both classic and its follow-up) showing a California's Gold videolog about the company and with interviews. An old blog titled "Ants! | Tales from the Ant Farm".

The Austin Ant House -- Frank Eugene Austin and the first commercial Ant Farm.

An almost 8.25 minutes YouTube video showing "An Ant Space Station - Mr. Wizard's Safari". Thanks IntelligentSwarm.

Plastic cake box as a different living habitat for ants. Thanks simgarie.

3 Foot Tall Ant Nest with Foraging Area - Authentic Natural Simulation -- "Instructable will guide you through the process of creating an Ant nest from Ytong and an attached foraging area."

Yanagi Yukinori's Ant Farm Project.

Can't have real ants (including a queen)? Try a virtual one like Virtual Formicidae Emporium (a simulated formicarium in Java; thanks errthum.survivorsucks) or Ant's Life Studio (Flash required; (thanks technogad and MrILoveTheAnts), but you still have to feed the ants.

A public service announcement (PSA) on keeping ants in captivity: Download and/or watch 5.7 MB DivX video or YouTube. It was from The Ant Bully DVD.

/. story and TechTV on Ant Farm Case Mod: Give your personal computer (PC) the creepy crawlies with this unique mod. Thanks nTrfAce.

Six-legged pets steal the limelight in Berlin: German children are marching to pet shops to follow a pricey new trend for ant-breeding. See the article on CNN.

Japanese won over by tiny, no-fuss 'pets': "'Working people nowadays... don't even have a chance to take notice of ants'. Ants are popular in Japan..." Thanks Bounty80..

Company In Crisis: Netflix’s Stock Is Plummeting As More Americans Discover The Simple Joy Of Ant Farms. Seen on Reddit. Ant farm takes on a whole new meaning -- Researchers find ant species uses farming tools to help them survive. Thanks to a bald eagle.


AntARK's YouTube channel has a few documentaries/clips on ants.

A 55.5 minutes 1985 "A Thousand Million Million Ants" documentary on YouTube.

Almost 45 minutes YouTube video showing "Killer Ants of Amazon Forest - Wildlife Documentary".

Almost 1.5 hours "Planet Ant - Life Inside The Colony" documentary: #1, #2, #3, or #4 (United Kingdom (UK) only).

An one hour and 12 seconds "Ants - Nature's Secret Power" documentary on YouTube.

An almost 37 minutes DailyMotion video of "The Natural World Ant Attack" documentary.

A 52 minutes and 7 seconds "Ant Mountain / Empire of the Ants" documentary (2017) on Dailymotion and ihavenotv. 7 minutes and 26 seconds behind the scenes (BTS) on Dailymotion.

A 44 minutes and 57 seconds YouTube video of "Wild City of Ants documentary. Seen on Reddit.

British Broadcast Company (BBC)'s 42 minutes and 54 seconds African Driver Ants documentary on YouTube. Seen on Reddit.

NOVA's documentary -- Little Creatures Who Run the World -- Read its program contents and transcript. Also, watch its 55.3 minutes video on YouTube.

NOVA's Lord of the Ants (can watch in here or on YouTube) documentary on Naturalist Edward O. Wilson.

VideoSift shares a two minutes and 21 seconds documentary trailer for "Fire Ants 3D" on YouTube.

This 4.6 minutes Animal World YouTube shows how "ants are an amazing group of insects that have been around since before the dinosaurs..."

A 18 minutes Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)'s Ants Documentary.

YouTube has two parts (#1 and #2; almost 22 minutes long in total) on an old color "In Search Of... Deadly Ants" (S2E22) documentary.

1949's black and white (B&W) documentary titled "Ant City" (nine minutes and 58 seconds) on YouTube. Thanks MrILoveTheAnts.

Goodbye Mrs. Ant: An old video documentary (black and white; 1959; 13:20 minutes) on ants. The life cycle and habits of the ant, and how to control and exterminate them with insecticides. Begins with a wonderful sequence in which we hear ants screaming "We're hungry! We're hungry!"

Deep Look's YouTube videos on ants: 3.5 minutes "Where Are the Ants Carrying All Those Leaves? and 4.5 minutes Honeypot Ants Turn Their Biggest Sisters into Jugs of Nectar.

BBC's Life has a scene with leaf-cutter ants and grass. There is a 5.25 minutes video clip on Photobucket.

Undead/Zombie Ants: A three minutes YouTube video showing "Cordyceps: attack of the killer fungi..." Read Zombifying fungus bypasses the brain to make ants its puppets, study finds (from Reddit), How the Zombie Fungus Takes Over Ants’ Bodies to Control Their Minds (thanks Mousey), 'Zombie ants' controlled by parasitic fungus for 48m years (thanks /. and Digg)., The Real Zombie Fungus That Inspired HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’, and The Zombie Ants.

Food and Drinks Related to Ants

Fire ants (leaf-cutter ants!) are a rainy season treat deep in Venezuela's savannah. A spicy concoction considered a diversion for Pemon who largely subsist on a vegetarian diet.

Ant soup: a unique refreshment -- "Central residents eat a sour soup made with ants' eggs to cool off on hot days."

Brits move into edible Colombian ant market: Colombian supplier to export 500kg of local culonas (fat-*ss) ants to the UK.

Cherry Ant Candy -- "Not just for picnics anymore!"

Cakes: Cake Central and Cake Wrecks have photo(graph)s when searching "ants" and "ant". Also, see more from other web site: Cake Wreckers: "Oh, Bugger", Coolest Ant-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorations, Ants on a Cupcake..., Faux Gateaux, Marching Ants Fez Birthday Cake, cupcakes (#1, #2, and Picnic Stealing Ants Cupcakes), 3-D Ant Cake Toppers, and Engwinner's instructions on how to decorate a cake with ants.

Chocolate Covered Ants recipe.

For all those small food, Snack-size bags - Picnic Ants -- "Reusable, washable, water-resistant snack bag" with black ants. Seen on Crochet Bouquet.

Alcohol: Bullant Ginger Beer (thanks AntJulie) and Red Ant Lager (#1 and #2).

Parables, Stories, Tales, Poems, Songs, Humor, Drink, and Food

Quotes Related to Ants.

Top Signs You Are an Ant Geek/Nerd/a Myrmecophile: Do you have these symptoms? Updated: 10/28/2010. More on Reddit.

In the Bible and from God, read the verses in Proverbs 6:6-8 and 30:25 about God's ants. For details, read and/or listen to "Wisdom of the Ants" lecture/sermon, The Wise Ant (texts and 4.5 minutes audio recording; thanks Ming Chou), Sluggard what in the world is that, The Indispensability of Theological Meta-Ethical Foundations for Morality, and How Strong is the Ant. Bible Articles: The Ant Farm, Charlie's Ants (cartoon strip is also on Chick Dissection with a commentary; Chinese Version), and The Ant... (Thanks Fletch; remove ANT to e-mail). Pastor Chuck Swindoll briefly mentioned two different sermons broadcasted on the radios: 8/10/2009 RealMedia audio (starts at about 16.5 minutes mark; downloadable 6.5 MB) and 5/27/2010 (downloadable 6.5 MB RealMedia audio; starts at about 7:45) to briefly tells what an ant farm is and did in his life.

Ants Are Lazy and Is there such a thing as a lazy ant? -- "Fairy tales hold the ant up as a loyal, industrious, communal creature. Maybe it's time to re-examine that myth..."

A funny 5.25 minutes YouTube video showing "True Facts: Ant Mutualism". Seen on VideoSift.

Ant Farm: A story about Eric Cho and how ants affected his life.

A three minutes YouTube video titled "The Legend of the Year of the Ant".

The Ants and I and more: Kamat's Potpourri With stories and drawings.

Myth(ologie)s, folklores, and legends: Aeacus, Amphisbaena (Mother of Ants; more), Daedalus, Kaang, Muryans, and Myrmidons.

10 Unusual Ant Superstitions.

Ants in the Brain: Two fiction, classic urban legends.

Loading Artist's comic strip titled "Anty Establishment".

Insect Horror: Mother's Day -- A six/6 pages comics form.

Old Timer Tussels With Loud Ant -- a short story. Thanks mansidido.

Insects in Chinese Pictographs includes a legend with a black ant and where the knot in ants' waist came from.

A Tale of Ants: Ants and Human duke it out on Thanksgiving Day of 1979.

Nick and the Army Ants: When Nick met the army ants for the first time in his life.

Read Why should I worry about winter?The Grasshopper and the Ants. Disney's The Grasshopper and the Ants from Silly Symphony cartoon (8 minutes). IMDb for details. Screen captures: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10. YouTube) has the eight minutes and 26 seconds video. Also, read The Ant and the Grasshopper (Clintonian version; A Liberal/Modern Version/Parody), 2008 version, Hard work pays off, but for whom? (has a comic strip), Saturday Morning Breakfast Comic (SMBC)'s comic strip (thanks AgressiveIN), The Fable Of The German/Chinese Ants And The EU/US Grasshoppers (with embedded videos), >1.5 mins. YouTube video showing a parody from The Simpsons S34 E20, and Growing Your Network For Your Next Job: A Parable.

A short journal with photographs of the FMA cadre to shooting practice. Ants were seen and mentioned.

The Ant & the Dragonfly: A story from the Middle East.

Leiningen vs. the Ants: A classic short story.

Battle of the Ants: Human attacks the Northern Mounds, but ants fight back. This story is not for kids.

The Ants: A short story (translated from German) between an ant war and World War II.

The Ants and I: Kamat narrates a shocking and gruesome experience in rural Bengal involving ants and Santali tribals.

Gaia's Army Invades My Kitchen: A true tale of magic, hubris, and one man's mad struggle against the might of Gaia's Army... Thanks komkommerkoning.

"How the Ant Made a Bargain": An original folktale.

The Ants Go Marching: Songs and rhymes for kids to read and listen.

The Ant on the Moon -- A children story about an ant wanting to go to the moon.

The Ant and the Dove with images.

Poems with ants: Black Ant and I, The Ants, 16 Little Ants, Humans and Ants, Ants Marching, Capable (she!), Dedicated to all ants I know!, Dead Line, and Ants.

Limericks on ants.

John Anderson and the Ants: A story about ants and Hugmups.

Dave Matthews Band's Ants Marching song with its music video clip. Lyrics and others are on the official Web site.

Queen Invicta (Fire Ant Invincible): A song on Fire Ant (Solenposis).

Lyrics and audio for They Might Be Giants' Ant Song.

Lyrics and audio from Blondie's The Ant of the Giant Ants song. You can listen to an audio sample on YouTube.

Hyponotic Clambake's Ant Man lyrics (PDF). Thanks Mr. Lewis.

Rammstein's Links 2 3 4 music video is ant-themed with ants partying and attacking. See a series of screen captures and watch music videos Flash required).

LUCKY+LOVE's DIGGING IN THE EARTH official music video with ants. The almost four/4 minutes video can be watched on YouTube. Seen on

Steff la Cheffe's Im Monänt music video has dancing ants. It can be seen online on YouTube. Seen on

More ant songs from a newsgroup.

Anthology derives from the phrase "Ant Hology", and the project was so named because in 1967 Ringo (The Beatles) had become very interested in ants as a hobby. This is a joke. Thanks Kalimant.

This Is True has a few bizarre-but-true ant news items from legitimate newspapers from around the world (never "tabloids"): Ants in their Pants, Dimmer Bulb, and Similar Sized Brains.

Ants versus/vs. Dong King for "a head-to-head challenge match, with the core competitive element being the scale of awesomeness..."

Ants in Weird/Odd Places:

Bugs in the computer: Sun Microsystems, Inc. knows why Brazil is known to its native inhabitants as the kingdom of the ants.

Ants in yer... Pants? NOT! (Toshiba notebook/laptop); Ants Invade Apple iBook; "Yep, those are ants in that laptop" (thanks Jason; remove ANT to e-mail).

Panasonic Cordless Phone.

Ants in Omniview switchboxes: An e-mail story of ants invading a network switchbox. Thanks nTrFace.

Reddit shared a photo(graph) of ants' home in an Oculus Rift. Thanks Tarzan.

Idaho Stateman mentioned ants in a Netgear ethernet switch.

Argentine ants invade a network hub.

A photograph showing ants nesting in a guy's phone box, affecting his digital subscriber line (DSL) connection and phone system.

A 38 seconds YouTube video showing crazy ants in a computer mouse.

Ants in Cars: Car infested with ants is one for the history books! (also the aftermath) and Help, A Colony Of Ants Attacked My Enterprise Rental Car And Ruined My Vacation!

Other Sight Seeings, Cartoons, Jokes, Etc.

Notes: Many more in this forum thread. IMDb is an acronym for Internet Movie Database.

A Facebook group -- "... where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony...

Best-Laid Plans Fail to Trap Ants at Academy of Sciences (thanks MrILoveTheAnts).

AntCanada's two minutes and nine seconds YouTube music video of an Animaniacs parody/spoof titled "External Ant Anatomy 101 Song".

GigaPan has several interactive shots of ants.

For Windows, free "12-Ants or more for your desktop. Itching is not excluded. Watching the little rascals and have fun."

Java applets of 3D ants getting an item: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and sources.

The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants -- "... a beautifully designed, educational, and quirky children's Apple iPad App. It features a unique adjustable reading level making it appealing to a wide range of children and adults. Seen on Wild About Ants.

Army Ants: Comics by Michael T. Desing.

Ant-Man: A comic book series by Marvel Comics. See official information for Eric O'Grady and Scott Lang. With Spider-Man (look at #103).

Von Mohl Vs. The Ants -- "A 7-page story from Charlton's Strange Susspense Stories #20 from 1954.

Tales to Astonish 27 (January 1962).

SmallWorld: A humorous look at the insect kingdom, featuring the ants from Colony 54.

The Tigerman Saga's chapter 35 (An Ocean Of Sand -- making a mountain out of an ant hill) has a story part on giant ants and rendered artworks.

Antrageous Antics -- "... a site that features cartoons based on the exciting lives that ants lead."

Myrmecological World -- "... a story blog about two ants; Skanky and Digsey going about their daily endeavors." Thanks Yellow meadow ant.

Hello. I'm Klyde Morris.Klyde Morris Comic Strips: Aviation's Only Ant!

Fabio Vettori Official Site: Italian cartoons and calendars with ant characters. Google's Poor English translation.

Princess Pepper Cloud and Her Ants.

Slim Hick: The World's Only Singing Cowboy Ant. Thanks Biddybot.

Super Bugs: This article contains information about ants and their strengths compared to animals.

Antz: Internet Movie Database for information on Antz: An animated/comedy film from DreamWorks SKG. Download and listen to the movie soundtrack samples at Amazon.

Ant Bully: An upcoming movie (8/4/2006) about a boy who was shrunk down to an ant size and sentenced to hard labor in the ruins after flooding the colony. Movie-List has more trailers and television/TV spots.

A Bug's Life: A Disney movie featuring ants and other bugs. IMDb for information.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Another Disney movie has a scene of an ant. A screen capture.

Weaving Ants (IMDb) on an IMAX screen.

Sci-Fi/Thriller Movies: Them! (1954; screen capture, Veoh for the 1.5 hours movie but requires the software to see more than five minutes and its trailer on YouTube), The Naked Jungle (1954; screen captures: #1, #2, #3, and #4), Phase IV (1973; Low quality-screen captures of an incorrect queen ant: #1, #2, and #3), and The Empire of the Ants (1977; watch the trailer (RealMedia video preview/Windows Media video clip); The Daily Show did a funny short spoof [download the 1.1 MB zip file or watch the streaming video; DivX v5.2.1+ codec required] with a scene. thanks Biddybot]; Marabunta/Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (watch it on YouTube for less than 1.5 hours), Glass Trap (2004; Regent Entertainement Group's trailer [screen captures; zipped 4.4 MB local copy]). YouTube (#1 and #2; 16.5 minutes long total) showing Joe Dante's MANT! film from Mantinee movie (1993). Movies about giant ants.

The Scorpion King movie had a scene with rendered fire ants. YouTube has an over three minutes video clip. Screen captures: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6.

The fourth Indiana Jones movie (The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) had computer generated ants scenes: A behind the scene (also on Dailymotion).

The Bone Snatcher horror movie had ant references. Screen captures.

From Spider-Man DVD Behind the Scene Feature (Goblin's Lair -> Spider-Mania -- an E! Entertainment Special) -- Screen captures: #1, #2, #3, and #4.

A very short scene showing leaf cutter ants carrying leaves in 1492: Conquest of Paradise. screen capture.

Road Kill: Ant: A short video of an ant carrying a pig in the middle of the road.

Captain Happy Ant and the Incredible Sticky-Bun (watch it 5.5+ minutes video streaming online on Spike) -- An animated insect finds a bun-tastic dessert and drags it home through a series of unlikely adventures. Captain Happy Ant is true to his name even when things get really sticky.

The Unlucky Ant is a sad and mean Flash music video.

Ants: A two minute stop-motion animation with clay figures.

Minuscule (YouTube channel) has a couple animated movies and many shorts (examples on YouTube: #1, #2, #3, #4 (seen on VideoSift), #5, and #6).

A 3.25 musical YouTube video to show 3D animation the adventures of an ant exploring a kitchen.

A rendered cutscene showing an ant getting squished in finding food.

An Ant's Life (a silent 45 second rendered video): An ant scavenges a trash can for a meal. She finds a doughnut and takes it into its ant-hole. But it is still not satisfied. It carelessly wanders across a street where its indulgence leads to its demise.

Journey -- A short animation about the adventures of a curious ladybug looking at ants, butterfly, etc.

Danger Mouse "Ants, Trees and ... Whoops-A-Daisy" with ant monuments and masks. See screen captures.

Ants & Termites: A brief list of TV shows with ants and termites.

Ants in the Plants. An old classic cartoon about an anteater who makes life rough for a colony of ants.

The Ant and the Aardvark: A 1969 cartoon series based on an ant eater trying to eat ants.

Disney's Uncle Donald's Ants/Tea For Two Hundred: Ants follow Donald Duck home by following a leaky sugar bag and eventually begin to take over his house. Screen captures: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, and #14. YouTube has a streaming six minutes video.

Animanimals: Ant -- A short over 3.5 minutes YouTube animated cute video showing "The ants are working together perfectly. But there is one ant who is doing everything differently..." Seen on The Kid Should See This.

Old Tom and Jerry cartoon series has three episodes with ants (they look like termites though): Barbecue Brawl (S2 E47) [see 6.5 minutes videos (#1 and #2) and screen captures], Pup On A Picnic (S2 E34) [see screen captures] and Carmen Get It! (S3 E13) [see screen captures].

Travels of An Ant/Puteshestviye muravya: A funny ant animated short film from Russia. IMDb; 9.5 minutes YouTube video (no English subtitles) and screen captures (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, and #15).

Warner Bros. have several animated shorts with ants: Six minutes YouTube video of "Lilliput Put" cartoon with red ants.

Two screen captures from The Tick episode (a cartoon series) titled "Ants in the Pants!": Giant ant and queen ant on a microphone.

Gets Ants In Its Pants TV episode from The Magic School Bus. Also, see screen captures (361 KB).

Pee-Wee's Playhouse has an episode (S1 E8) titled "Ants In Your Pants". See IMDb for details and screen captures.

A five minutes YouTube video showing Les Forumis/The Ants from Mio Mao. Seen on VideoSift.

14 seconds YouTube video of Robot Chicken: Kingdom of the Ants. Thanks WeatherAnt.

Arthur's episode (Ants in Arthur's Pants) was Arthur's experiment with ants and an Ant Farm he bought. View screen captures (296 KB).

The Simpsons Episodes: Justice League Unlimited had ants and an Ant Farm mentioned in S1 E7 (The Greatest Story Never Told). See screen captures and a video clip (638 KB; DivX).

Muppets Tonight! had a short ant skit with Rick Moranis (season 1; episode 12): Screen captures and a DivX video clip (1 MB).

Sesame Street: Hulu has a 2.5 minutes skit, from season 17, episode 961) titled "The Count's Picnic" -- "The Count counts things that ants carry away." Also, a short ant appearance in this YouTube video ("Furchester Hotel: Stay in Exotic Guest Rooms"; screen (capture/shot)s).

The Aquabats Super Show Season 1 Episode 1 (S1E1)/Pilot: ManAnt! Over 23 minutes video can be watched on Hulu or DailyMotion -- "A half-man/half-ant kidnaps Crash and plans to conquer the world with a giant army of ants! ..." Also, see its screen captures. Thanks Mouse(y).

Futurama: Family Guy: A 1(3-5) seconds YouTube/Vimeo/9.63 MB zipped TS file video showing a funny burning ant scene from S20 E15. A 25 seconds YouTube video showing "Peter Plays God With Ants" and a Season 14 Episode 12 (S14E12): Ants in a picnic as shown in this eleven/11 seconds YouTube video (from Reddit).

King of the Ant Hill (4E13/KH113/S1E11): Screen captures from King of the Hill -- Hank's expensive new lawn is overrun by fire ants.

A musical 7 minutes and 13 seconds DailyMotion video (mirror) showing singing ants from "Garfield & Friends" in "The Picnic Panic" (S5 E41). Jaime2000.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode 75 had a short scene on fire ants. Screen captures (#1 and #2) and a transcript.

DailyMotion has a short animated video titled "Siggi - The Little Ant" -- A 2 minutes and 48 seconds cartoon of an ant looking for his (her!) old friend.

A 21 seconds video segment from Spy vs. Spy (episode #219) on MadTV: Screen captures and a DivX video clip (358 KB); also on YouTube).

A YouTube video/RealMedia video clip/Windows Media video clip of Eric Cartman mentioning ants in a South Park episode (contains bad words).

An over one/1 minute YouTube video showing "Ants & The Sugar Cube ... film from the Sesame Street India project."

Happy Tree Friends' Crazy Antics (watch it on YouTube or official Web site), A Hard Act To Swallow, Tongue Twister (watch it on official Web site or Hulu), and Suck It Up (watch it on official Web site: Ants use violence on ant eaters. Warning: Not for kids!

The Zanti Misfits episode (S1 E14) from The Outer Limits (classic science fiction TV series from the 1960s). Watch a short video clip: RealMedia or Windows Media or the whole episode (51 minutes and 40 seconds) on Hulu. Even action figures (thanks Biddybot).

ALF S3 E20/21 (Funeral for a Friend) with ALF and his new pets, ants, in Uncle Milton's Ant Farm. Screen captures: #1, #2, #3 (mirror and bigger), #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, and #16. Hulu has the full episode online (Americans only).

MacGyver Season 1, Episode 5/6 (Trumbo's World) was about a swarm of normal sized ants attacking a jungle village in Brazil. Screen captures (1.5 MB). CBS' web site has the full 48.5 minutes MacGyver episode.

Wonder Woman Season 3, Episode 6 (Formicida): A female mad scientist controls and unleashes thousands of strong carpenter ants on a company to stop them from manufacturing a deadly insecticide. Screen captures (798 KB).

Sheena S1 E21 (Marabunta) with ants.

A hilarious Walk on the Wild Side season 1 skits: Episode 1/pilot's 40 seconds showing ants vs. a beetle with its security alarm (YouTube or download a 4 MB zipped M4V video file).

Ant Wars' YouTube channel shows silly videos of ants playing sports.

A 15 seconds TV cartoon commercial (downloadable video/MPEG is about 2.3 MB) for The Augusta Chronicle with a red worker ant carrying a lamp to her ant hill.

De Lijn's 30 seconds television (TV) commercial/advertisement (ad.)/spot with ants and an aarvdar on Funny Place and YouTube (#1 and #2).

BN Cookies television/commercial/spot with ants on YouTube (14 seconds).

Bayer's Home Control Ants TV Commercial: RealMedia Video Clip or Windows Media Video Clip.

A 15 seconds television advertisement/spot/commercial (watch it on YouTube or download the 3.9 MB zipped QuickTime MOV file) to see red harvester ants carrying a sneaker from PUMA.

A cute and funny Philco television advertisement showing three crazy ants (YouTube; 902 KB zip file on local server) using loud bassy music to fly for fun.

Juicy Fruit - Ant on YouTube: A funny television spot showing a sugar-happy worker ant turns on her master.

T' Light commercial of Crematogaster ants going crazy over a sugar cube: RealMedia video clip and Windows Media video clip. Thanks Teleutotje.

Hulett Pest Control has several television (TV) commercials/advertisements (ads.)/spots that can be seen on Google's search results.

YouTube and Funnyplace (a downloadable 1.4 MB mirror zip file) have a 32 seconds streaming/downloadable video showing Orkin's television (TV) commercial/advertisement (ad.)/spot showing two giant talking ants. Also, three screen captures.

Saturn's 2002 VUE television launch: commercial/spot/advertisement (YouTube and a downloadable 7.1 MB QuickTime file).

A 20 seconds YouTube video showing Volvo's television advertisement/spot/commercial.

Three video clips of American television (TV) commercial/spot/advertisement (ad) Budweiser commercials: Ant hill party commercial (RealMedia Video Clip, Windows Media Video Clip or YouTube), Anteater and Ants (RealMedia Video, Windows Media Video, and YouTube) and Recycling Ants. Many Chinese ones on Todou.

Bud Light's Ant Dance (1.5 MB zipped WMV) television commercial/spot/advertisement.

Metacafe shows a 45 seconds video clip showing Cruzcampo beer with ants partying after having a zip.

Two YouTube videos showing ants and Doritos chips: #1 and #2.

America's Funniest Home Videos showed a funny 17 seconds video clip of small black ants carrying a green piece of Froot Loops up the wall. Screen capture; Video clips: YouTube, DivX (451 KB; codec and player), Windows Media (571 KB; player), or RealMedia (333 KB; player).

A 39 seconds YouTube video showing a lone ant carrying a pill. Thanks James Thomson, Funny Animal Videos.

Aki Vs. Ants, Picnic! -- A cheesy pesticide spot on television and YouTube (29 seconds).

Chocolate Ant Eggs -- A spoof/parody of a television/TV commercial/spot/advertisement. Watch its 1.75 minutes video on YouTube.

A rendered silent short (4.7 MB; 45 seconds; DivX) by Jayesh Kapadia.

Cartoon Network's "We'll Be Right Back" clip (9 seconds): Look at a screen capture, RealMedia video clip, or Windows Media video clip.

A Nickelodeon's short streaming video showing ants grubbing, singing, and relaxing during a picnic.

YouTube (#1 or #2) has a cute and amusing six minutes and 50 seconds video clip spoofing a space rocket launch test with ants.

Andrew's Antics: A funny video clip showing an accidental(?) prank of a guy, who just woke up and went to brush his teeth. However, he ran into new friends... QuickTime required.

Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List Archive that mentions ants: #1, #2, #3, and #4.

A clever outdoor advertisement that involves ants and drawing images for "Sugar Free" product. There is a QuickTime video (streaming with information and a downloadable 14 MB MOV file) and photographs (arrow,ice cream, muffin, and cup). Seen on Digg.

Getting Antsy with comic strips, jokes (a dirty one too), etc.

Ant Jokes: #1, #2, #3, and What Is the Best Kind of Ant?, jokes, lyrics, and comments.

Yak: Summer's worst four-letter word -- ants. Ant Humor. Thanks Laurence T. May Jr.

Ants In Space: Is there any uninfested frontier?

The Ant FAQ (none of these are true) in Monty Python style by Dave Rogers.

The Onion (spoof/parodie)s with ants like Giant Six-Year-Old Devastates Area Ant Community, Chinese, Ants Announce Alliance (audio for an one minute audio story), Ants Demand 23.9-Hour Workday, Ant Farm Teaches Children About Toil, Death, Capricious God Violently Shakes Ant Farm Day After Bestowing Orange Slices Upon Colony, Report: Ants Having Some Kind Of Party Inside Crack In Pavement, Ant 43,168,974,563,247, and Man Who Just Watched Nature Documentary Going Way Overboard With Newfound Appreciation Of Ants (Seen on Reddit). Thanks MrILoveTheAnts and Myrmecos.

Ant Sole Survivor of Massacre By 8-Year-Olds: Just one ant survived a vicious massacre allegedly perpetrated by two eight-year-olds at a playground in this former Civil War city.

Ant Control Methods: Funny ways to kill ants.

Fire Ants (A 2001 Darwin Awards; Thanks RampageAI): This is NOT the proper way to defeat the ants.

Ant Hills: How they were built up. This link came from a newsgroup.

Download Ant's Icons for Windows.

If you use Linux/UNIX, there are a few ant screen savers in XScreenSaver like Ant, Antinspect, AntSpotLight, and Moebius.

Ants built out of LEGO: Flik, Lego Technic Ant No 1, Blacktron Attacker Ant, and 4 designs (thanks Xenon).

Robot: Cybug Queen Ant.

AntiZoid is an interactive robot toy from InsectaZoids.

More robotic ants in #1 and #2).

"The Biologically-Inspired Legged Locomotion Ant (BILL-Ant) is an 18-DOF hexapod with six passive DOF feet for force sensing, a 3-DOF neck and actuated mandibles with force sensing pincer plates (28-DOF total)..."

Antsy Ants and Ants and Ant Hills Gift Mugs: Custom decorated full color photo coffee gift mugs.

Myran: A soft toy ant.

Buyable and sellable ant stuff on Etsy (Indie Fixx's finds with broken/outdated links), CafePress (e.g., Ant Comic Hats & Caps, and Zazzle. Seen in The Ant Room.

Neatorama and 12"/inches Sunny & Co. Stuffed Plush Black Ant. Also, a red ant.

YouTube (seen on VideoSift) and eBaum's World (#1 and #2) show minutes long videos of rituals involving hundreds of poisonous and painful bullet ants in a glove.

Dream Moods on ants in dreams.

Ants and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)/Robots/Computers/Networks

EurekAlert! report on "a search engine for social networks based on the behavior of ants". Seen on io9 and thanks Mordam.

A four minutes YouTube video showing The Ant Internet (Anternet). Text article can be found IEEE Spectrum. Seen in antman1's forum thread.

The Ants: A Community of Microrobots.

/. and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News: Ants and their leaderless collective behavior on little robots called U-bots.

An article on robotics researchers studying ant behavior for secrets of teamwork.

Insects Help Robots Grasp the Big Picture: A research focuses on the ability of ants to navigate around a feeding site.

No place like home: Ant navigation skills used in robot navigation -- Ants go back to the nest every so often to "reset" their navigation system or else guidance errors will occur. The insights from Knaden's experiments have already been applied to improve autonomous robot orientation. Thanks Boing Boing.

8 Legged Robotic Micro Ant from Sweden.

Ants might be able to run telecommunication networks better than humans: #1, #2, and #3 (thanks Ulic).

Swarm Intelligence: An interview with Eric Bonabeau on ants and solving real problems in the business world.

More Ant-Related Links

There are many other places to visit on the Internet:
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